Ricola Mystery Cougher


The Challenge

Gain share in the category, particularly against the #1 brand, Halls.  Ricola is a distant 2d in the category.

The Idea

Increase Ricola’s perception of effective relief due to its all-natural blend of Swiss Herbs.  Bring back and up-date Ricola’s very memorable icon, the Swiss man blowing on his Alphorn, Riiiiicoooolaaa!  When you have a cough, don’t just ask for a cough drop, ask for a Ricola.  “Does anyone have a Ricola?”

The Result

Awareness up sharply.  Gain of 8 share points vs Halls while being outspent in media 3 to 1.

Ricola  – Mystery Cougher

Ricola  – Boston Cougher